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2018 (v.26 no.3)

Translational and Clinical Pharmacology

Korean Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ISSN: 2289-0882

  • Commentary
  • Regional clinical pharmacology trials for Multi-Regional clinical trials

    In-Jin Jang

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.101-102, Sep, 2018

  • Review
  • Microbe-derived extracellular vesicles as a smart drug delivery system

    Jinho Yang, Eun Kyoung Kim, Andrea McDowell, Yoon-Keun Kim

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.103-110, Sep, 2018

  • Augmented renal clearance

    Arthur J. Atkinson, Jr.

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.111-114, Sep, 2018

  • Mechanistic ligand-receptor interaction model: operational model of agonism

    Hyungsub Kim, Hyeong-Seok Lim

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.115-117, Sep, 2018

  • PMS report
  • Safety and efficacy of fimasartan with essential hypertension patients in real world clinical practice: data from a post marketing surveillance in Korea

    Su-Eun Han, Seung Hee Jeong,, Hye Jeong Kang, Myung Sook Hong, Eunah Paek, Hijung Cho, Seong Choon Choe

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.118-127, Sep, 2018

  • Original Article
  • Survey on the undergraduate curriculum in clinical pharmacology and interns’ prescribing ability in South Korea

    Namyi Gu, Kyong-Jee Kim, Chi-Yeon Lim, Jun Kyu Lee, Moo-Yong Rhee, Kwang-Hee Shin, Seung-Hwan Lee, Sangzin Ahn

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.128-133, Sep, 2018

  • Development of a UPLC-MS/MS method for the therapeutic monitoring of L-asparaginase

    Hyeon-Cheol Jeong, Therasa Kim, Deok-Hwan Yang, Kwang-Hee Shin

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.134-140, Sep, 2018

  • Erratum
  • Development of R packages: ‘NonCompart’ and ‘ncar’ for noncompartmental analysis (NCA)

    Hyungsub Kim, Sungpil Han, Yong-Soon Cho, Seok-Kyu Yoon, Kyun-Seop Bae

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.141, Sep, 2018

  • Comparison of various estimation methods for the parameters of Michaelis?Menten equation based on in vitro elimination kinetic simulation data

    Yong-Soon Cho, Hyeong-Seok Lim

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.142, Sep, 2018

  • Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Metformin Administered as Fixed-Dose Combination in Korean Healthy Adults

    Suein Choi, Sangil Jeon, Seunghoon, Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.26, no.3, pp.143, Sep, 2018