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2017 (v.25 no.1)

Translational and Clinical Pharmacology

Korean Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ISSN: 2289-0882

  • Tutorial for beginners: the concept of clearance explained using the example of a vacuum cleaner

    Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.01-04, Mar, 2017

  • Forensic science meets clinical pharmacology: pharmacokinetic model based estimation of alcohol concentration of a defendant as requested by a local prosecutor’s office

    Hyeong-Seok Lim, Jea Hyen Soung, Kyun-Seop Bae

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.05-09, Mar, 2017

  • Comparative pharmacokinetic and tolerability evaluation of two simvastatin 20 mg formulations in healthy Korean male volunteers

    Seol Ju Moon, SeungHwan Lee, Kyungho Jang, Kyung-Sang Yu, Sung-Vin Yim, Bo-Hyung Kim

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.10-14, Mar, 2017

  • Enhancement of skin permeation of vitamin C using vibrating microneedles

    Cho-A Lee, Jong-Suep Baek, Dong-Gi Kwag, Hye-Jin Lee, Jeanho Park, Cheong-Weon Cho

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.15-20, Mar, 2017

  • Validated UPLC-MS/MS method for the determination of tadalafil in human plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetic study

    Kwang-Youl Kim, Moonsuk Nam, Hyun-Jung Kwon, Kwang-Hyeon Kim, Seung-Hyun Kang, Sang-Il Kim, Cheol-Woo Kim, Sang-Heon Cho

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.21-27, Mar, 2017

  • Hydrochlorothiazide does not increase furosemide’s effects in end-stage renal disease

    Wooseong Huh, Ha-Young Oh, Jin Suk Han, In-Jin Jang, Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.28-33, Mar, 2017

  • Development of an automated appendix generation system (ARGUS) for clinical study reports

    Dooyeon Jang, Seunghoon Han, Dong-SeokYim

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.34-42, Mar, 2017

  • Decreased potency of fimasartan in liver cirrhosis was quantified using mixed-effects analysis

    Choon OK Kim, Sangil Jeon, Seunghoon Han, Taegon Hong, Min Soo Park, Young-Ran Yoon, Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.25, no.1, pp.43-51, Mar, 2017