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2016 (v.24 no.3)

Translational and Clinical Pharmacology

Korean Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ISSN: 2289-0882

  • Revisiting the well-stirred model of hepatic clearance QH, CLH and F changing in the same direction

    Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.115-118, Sep, 2016

  • Tips for the choice of initial estimates in NONMEM

    Seunghoon Han, Sangil Jeon, Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.119-123, Sep, 2016

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring of vancomycin in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD): A case report

    Sang Won Lee, Seonghae Yoon, Kyung-Sang Yu, SeungHwan Lee

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.124-126, Sep, 2016

  • Rooibos™: Automated schedule broadcast software for clinical pharmacology studies

    Ji-Hyoung Lee, Woo-Suk Chong, Jong Kwan Park, Tae-Sun Park, Soo-Wan Chae, Min-Gul Kim

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.127-131, Sep, 2016

  • Blood pressure lowering effect of statin drugs with an application to rosuvastatin

    Young-A Heo, Mijeong Son, Kyungsoo Park

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.132-136, Sep, 2016

  • Comparison of R(+)-α-lipoic acid exposure after R(+)-α-lipoic acid 200 mg and 300 mg and thioctic acid 600 mg in healthy Korean male subjects

    Jangsoo Yoon, Seol Ju Moon, Kwang-Ok Lee, Seo Hyun Yoon, In-Jin Jang, Kyung-Sang Yu, SeungHwan Lee

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.137-142, Sep, 2016

  • HLA-A*24:02/B*51:01 haplotype and lamotrigine-induced cutaneous adverse drug reactions in Koreans

    Eun-Young Kim, Ki-Hwan Ji, Hye-Jin Kim, Hye-Eun Jung, Eun-Young Cha, Jae-Gook Shin

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.143-146, Sep, 2016

  • Development and validation of a HPLC-UV method for 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-hydroxypiperidine (CPHP), a toxic metabolite of haloperidol, in humans: providing in vivo evidence of CYP3A4-mediated CPHP formation

    Ji-Young Park, Jae-Gook Shin

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.147-151, Sep, 2016

  • Erratum: Clearance

    Nick Holford, Dong-Seok Yim

    TCP | v.24, no.3, pp.152, Sep, 2016